Agreement on the terms and conditions of use of the site

LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY WEST SMART HUB (LLC WEST SMART HUB) (hereinafter — the Enterprise) publishes the Agreement, which determines the order of use of the site (hereinafter — the Site).The contract is set out in a standard and unchangeable form for all. Confirmation of the conclusion of the Agreement is the use of the Site.In case of disagreement with the content of the Agreement or some of its provisions, please leave the Site.
General informationThe Agreement regulates the terms of use of the Site and may be changed by the Company without prior notice.The Site may additionally establish conditions for the use of certain resources, content, privacy and personal data protection policies, etc.If the User does not agree with the Agreement, he cannot use the Site.The company reports that through the Site you can access other resources (sites) on the Internet. The Company has no control over these sites, and the User accesses them solely at his own risk.The Company tries to ensure the smooth operation of the Site, but is not responsible for the complete or partial loss of content of the Site, as well as for the poor quality or speed of viewing such content.The content of the Site may not be used by third parties for public viewing and commercial purposes without the written consent of the Company or the content owner.The User uses the Site only at his own risk. The user is solely responsible for any damage caused to his computer and data. The Company is not responsible for the inconsistency of the Site with the goals of the user.
Scope of the contractAll information on the Site is the subject of the Agreement and the property (used asset / object) of the Company, unless otherwise stated on the Site.
Enterprise rightsThe Company or its authorized persons (hereinafter — the Managers) have the right to add, change, delete, supplement the materials and structure of the Site, at any time to close the Site (or section of the Site), without prior notice to the User.Use registered users' email addresses to send messages.Move messages to another section if they think they are relevant.Delete messages and comments of the user if they contradict the terms of the Agreement and the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine.Use the intellectual property rights provided by the User on the Site, including (but not limited to) works, articles, photographs, videos, graphics, etc.Block the User's account (account) on the Site in case of violations of the terms of the Agreement.Delete any content without explaining the reasons, in case of violations of current legislation of Ukraine, the terms of the Agreement and / or other rules of use of the Site.Close any resource of the Site at any time, both with and without prior notice to the user. In this case, the Company is not responsible for terminating access to its resources on the Site.
Personal AccountIn the Personal Account section of the Site the User can get information about the cost of services, currency of services, terms of service, personal data of managers who make purchases for the User and data on cars published in the catalog (prices, approximate financing calculations — credit / leasing).
UserThe user can create their own text messages, comments, as well as exchange views on relevant topics of published information. The Company provides the User with the opportunity to participate in discussions on the Site. Any information you provide by providing your credentials on any social network, the Internet, or any image or photograph becomes public and may be used by the Company for advertising or commercial purposes, in any — what media, Internet sites or other sources of information.By participating in the discussion on the Site, the User agrees that any personal information provided by the User may be read, collected or used by other users of these services or the Company, and may be used to send informational messages. The Company is not responsible for the personal information provided by the User in the comments and is not obliged to publish, delete or edit any of the User's comments.If the User recommends any material or service of the Site on Facebook, Twitter or other service on the Internet, such actions are governed by the Privacy Policy (or a document with another name governing the rights and obligations of the parties) Facebook, Twitter or other service on the Internet. The company does not track or keep records of such actions.By accepting the Agreement, the User understands and agrees that he transfers to the Company free of charge non-exclusive intellectual property rights to the objects placed by him on the Site: the right to use articles, comments, photographs, videos, graphics of other objects of intellectual property rights (hereinafter, for convenience — the work) and the non-exclusive right to authorize or prohibit the use of the work by others; gives the Enterprise the right to independently use and / or allow or prohibit: reproduction of works; public performance and public announcement of works; public demonstration and public display; any re-publication of works, if it is carried out by an organization other than the one that made the first publication; translations of works; adaptations, adaptations and other similar changes of works; inclusion of works as part of collections, anthologies, encyclopedias, etc.; distribution of works by first sale, alienation in another way or by leasing or renting property and by other transfer of copies of the work before the first sale; making their works available to the public in such a way that their representatives can access the works from anywhere and at any time of their choice; rental and (or) commercial rental after the first sale, alienation in another way of the original or copies of works, including in a form that can be read by a computer; import copies of works.
The user is prohibited from:Use the materials posted on the Site in a way that may interfere with the normal functioning of the Site;Register on the Site as another person; mislead other users about their identity using another person's credentials; intentionally distorted self-image, age, or relationships with others or organizations; transfer registration data to other persons;Try in any way, including by choosing a password, hacking or other actions to gain access to other people's logins and passwords;Use automated programs to interact with the Site and its services, post any files that contain or may contain viruses and other malicious programs;Transfer your registration details to others.
Prohibitions and liabilityIt is forbidden to post and distribute on the Site:— calls for the forcible change or overthrow of the constitutional order, or for the seizure of state power;— appeals on the division of the borders of the territory or state border of Ukraine, violation of the procedure established by the Constitution of Ukraine;— calls for arson, destruction of property, seizure of buildings and structures, forced evictions; calls for aggression or incitement to armed conflict, or to post other material that may constitute a criminal offense or the reason for its commission;— materials that are illegal, harmful, insulting morals, honor and dignity, rights and legally protected interests of third parties, as well as obscene expressions and materials and statements of pornographic, erotic or sexual nature;— materials of advertising, commercial or adaptive nature, the placement of which is not agreed with the Enterprise;— intellectual property objects, without a permit for public placement (notification) or their distribution;— materials containing computer codes designed to disrupt, destroy or restrict the functionality of any computer or telecommunications equipment or programs, for unauthorized access, as well as serial numbers to commercial software products, logins, passwords and others means for obtaining unauthorized access to paid resources on the Internet;— personal data of other users;— materials, the content and / or distribution of which violates the current legislation of Ukraine and the provisions of international law;— information of a commercial or confidential nature that is prohibited from publication.The User confirms that he is responsible for any information provided and posted on the Site.In case of detection of facts of unauthorized use of the materials of the Site, the User must notify the Site Manager as soon as possible.In case of submission of claims to the Company by third parties, in connection with the information posted by the user on the Site, the user is obliged to settle and resolve all disputes with persons who have filed claims, as well as to reimburse the losses incurred by the Company in full.Moderation of interactive resources on the Site (comments, forums, blogs) is carried out on the principle of post moderation — messages are first added and then checked by moderators.If the moderator considers that the text violates the Terms of Use of the site or the Agreement, he has the right to delete it.
Terms of use of materials on the site westautohub.comThe site contains text and photo-video materials that are subject to copyright and are subject to protection.Materials posted on the Site may be used (distributed and republished) by the media or online publications, provided that a hyperlink to the source of information from the Site.Materials (in the text) after which there is a ban on full publicity (reprint, copying, reproduction or other use), or materials to which access is paid, may be used in part. The volume of use may not exceed 25% of the total text. Such partial use is allowed only if there is a hyperlink at the end of the text materials with the caption: "Read the full version on".When using the materials of the Site — a direct link open to search engines hyperlink to the page of the copied material. The hyperlink should be placed in any case of use of the materials of the Site and should be placed in the subheading or in the first paragraph of the material.When quoting materials from the Site orally, an oral link (for TV and radio programs) and a written link (for printed publications) are required.The use of photographic materials of photographers of the Site is allowed only if you place a hyperlink under the photo on the site Author's name. Any changes to the photographic materials, including adaptation, retouching, etc. are not allowed.Any use of photo, graphics, video, audio and other materials posted on the Site by third parties is prohibited.The information posted on the Site in the places reserved for advertising and / or posted on the Site under the designation "advertising" are advertising materials and belong to third parties. The editorial office is not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in advertising materials.The user agrees to read the Privacy Policy at the link and accepts it without any comments.By agreeing to the terms of this Agreement, the user agrees to receive notifications containing information about the terms of paid subscription, special offers of the Company. Messages are sent to the user via social networks, emails, text messages or telephone.The User may refuse to receive emails at any time in the User's personal account.The user also accepts the policy of use of cookies used on the site.This agreement is a public contract in accordance with Art. 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and the accession agreement in accordance with Art. 634 of the Civil Code of Ukraine for an indefinite number of persons using the site.
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