Save money and save your nerves: how to buy a car at auction with WEST AUTO HUB

Save money and save your nerves: how to buy a car at auction with WEST AUTO HUB

Becoming the owner of a good car at auction, bypassing fraudsters, saving a fortune and tens of hours of your life is absolutely real.

A car auction is a closed online platform that sells used cars. Access to online auctions is provided only to car dealers, so individuals can not participate in them. The WEST AUTO HUB team will help you to do this.

Of course! The risk of getting an unpleasant surprise in the form of a damaged car is minimal, because all information about the damage will be specified in advance in the inspection report.

WEST AUTO HUB helps you to buy a car in Europe, also to prepare all the necessary documents, car number plates and insurance. Everything you need at customs, we will prepare and advise you on any issue. We make an agreement with you, make everything from A to Z and are always in touch, so you will not have reason to worry. And the time savings are huge.

You can get a consultation here .

Based on our experience, we know well where car dealers take cars, which are then sold at an inflated price. Instead, WEST AUTO HUB customers can buy the highest quality car in Germany, but at a real price.

Cars sold by leasing companies are mostly sold at auctions and transferred to companies that do not sell them on their own after the lease expires, but give them back. Since the leasing company has already earned on these cars - it is ready to sell them at the lowest cost-effective price for it without a high margin, as in car dealerships.

How to access the auctions and how to participate?

In order to gain access to the auctions, you must first sign a cooperation agreement and make a deposit of 500 euros. If the car is not won, the deposit is returned. And if you are looking for something special, use our turnkey service.