History of the West Auto Hub company

History of the West Auto Hub company

West Auto Hub is a Ukrainian company that provides services in the field of import and export of transport. We make 40,000 Ukrainians car owners every year.

For more than 7 years before the establishment of West Auto Hub, we were engaged in the import of cars and their customs clearance, and in 2013 we started the construction of the West Auto Hub head office on the territory of the former car repair plant in the village of Strumivka near Lutsk. During this time, we have grown from a dozen people to more than 150 employees and 4 offices in the Volyn, Lviv and Kyiv regions and with a presence in four European countries.

The West Auto Hub brand was created in 2017. It was called "Western" because Europe became our main import market. The hub idea has two components. The first consists in uniting all the necessary structures for the import and export of vehicles in one territory: a customs control zone, a testing laboratory and a service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This became our competitive advantage, because it accelerated the business process and still saves resources for our customers. The second component of the hub is the opportunity to unite car importers, dealers and sellers on the basis of WAH for the development of this business in Ukraine and the formation of a civilized market of used vehicles.

We began to develop rapidly. A year later, in 2018, the second WAH office was opened in the city of Novovolynsk, Volyn region. Next year - an office in the village Zymna Voda near Lviv. In 2021, WAH Premium opened in Kyiv.

  From the very beginning, West Auto Hub has focused on automation and digitization of many processes. This applies not only to internal work, but also to the receipt of services by customers. For example, we have implemented an electronic ticket when entering the customs control zone. We always try to be guided by this principle: we translate everything that can be translated into "digital". That is why we are actively developing our WAH application, which is available on Android and iOS .  

Since the foundation of West Auto Hub, the company has had a need to use a CRM system. WAH tried the Bitrix24 software, but it did not fit due to the specifics of the field, because most CRM systems on the market are designed for selling products, not services. Since WAH sells services, and business processes are dependent on each other, webex24 became the most convenient "chain" for us, because it was created specifically for work with import and export of transport.

Even before the founding of the brand itself, our team began to visit large-scale automobile exhibitions. It is important for us to adopt the European experience in order to be able to offer the best to our customers. WAH follows market trends and innovations, because we want not only to sell our services, but also to help and train used car dealers, to be their partner, a service for the growth of their business. In 2018, the WAH team attended an event in Prague dedicated to the 115th anniversary of Harley Davidson. In 2019, we visited IAA Mobility in Frankfurt am Main, and in 2021 - in Munich.

In April 2021, we started cooperating with the Ukrainian Institute of Car Market Research. And in October of the same year, they jointly organized the first conference of used car importers in Ukraine.

Our team is constantly learning, perfecting all business processes in order to be a reliable support for the client and simplify his life. We are honest in our work, because trust is built on this, without which development is impossible.

WAH was the first in Ukraine to improve its level of service among other companies in the field of car import with the international consultant on client service Anastasia Vladychynska.

The company sponsors sports organizations, competitions, cultural events and supports homeless animals.

In 2022, the war in Ukraine pushed West Auto Hub to enter the European market. In February 2022, we became co-founders of the NGO "Volyn Brotherhood of St. Volodymyr the Great" , which is engaged in the delivery and distribution of humanitarian aid in Ukraine, as well as vehicles for the Armed Forces.